Service Solutions in Support of Measurable
Positive Student Outcomes.™

Educational Partnerships

The Educational Partnerships unit of PCG Education has more than 20 years of experience providing K-12 schools and districts with solutions designed to improve student performance and save administrators and teachers valuable time. Our proven record of success is in the areas of Daytime Interventions, Afterschool and Extended Day Programming, as well as Summer Learning Camps and Staffing Services complete with Professional Development and Payroll Capabilities.

Our Mission

Is to boost student achievement, increase school level capacity, and provide cost savings for districts through implementation of daytime tutoring, afterschool programs, summer camps, and teacher coaching.

With 20 years of educational experience our distinguished network of locally-based, highly motivated and caring educators and professionals are committed to providing schools with research-based, effective instructional programs as well as providing the resources necessary for staff development, intervention initiatives, program implementation, supplemental instruction, extended day and summer camp programs.